Things to look forward to when all this is over

Mia in 3rd says

1. Go visit my grandma and grandad and give them a great big hug.
2. Go back to school
3.Go back to cada
4. See my teachers from school and cada
5. See all my friends.
6. Be able to preform on stage / hoping for panto in the everyman
7. Be able to go to scoozi for smiley face pizza.
8. Be able to get my hair cut in the hair dressers.
9. Be able to go shopping with my mom.
10. Be able to have a belated birthday party.

Daisy in 2nd says

Katie in 3rd Class says

Gaia in 5th Class says “This is what I would like to do when this Covid-19 lock-down is over:
– meet my friends,
– start my activities,
– go to Italy and meet my family and friends,
– go back to school,
– go to the restaurant with my family,
– do shopping through the center,
– take a plane to go somewhere I like,
– go to the sea and pool,
– go to the cinema.
I am looking forward to go back to normal life but I did learn to appreciate my family, nature and  life!”


Kaci in 2nd Class “I cant wait to play with my friend and go to town to sit down in Tung Sing for dinner”