Covid 19 Excellent Work

Olivia in 4th
Olivia in 4th
Hayden in 4th
Lauren in 4th
Julie in 4th
Julie in 4th
Jessica in 4th
Jessica in 4th
Jessica in 4th
Jessica in 4th
Abbey in 2nd-Work on the Magic Ring
Abbey in 2nd-Work on Thomas Edison and Spellings
Kaci in 2nd Sa ghairdín
Isabella C in 2nd
Abbey in 2nd Class-The tunnel from the Magic Ring
Abbey Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Abbey in 2nd
Gaia’s Flying Machine in 5th
Gaia in 5th
Edel Rose’s interpretation of ‘Count on me’  in 4th Class
Ava’s song project in 4th
Ava in 4th and her Irish Homework
Jodie in 4th
Jodie in 4th Song Project -Her poster depicting images from the following songs – 
Count on Me
Over the Rainbow
The Bare Necessities
Three Little Birds
Can’t Stop the Feeling.
Cliona in 6th Class
Julie in 3rd Class
Kaci’s Treasure Map

Lily’s Dream Job

Kaci’s Letter to Florence
Isabelle’s Treasure Map
Isalbelle’s Letter to Florence
Abbey’s Treasure Map
Isabelle’s Dream Job
Isabelle’s P Story
Abbey’s Florence Letter

Kinga and Emma’s Work from 3rd Class