Online Books

If  you don’t have your books at home, don’t worry. Most of the publishers have put their books online so all our children can access them there



Busy at Maths, Spellbound, the Wonderland Readers, What a Wonderful World, the Science, History and Geography Quests are published by C.J. Fallon.    CJ Fallon books can be accessed online for free. Visit, click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the title you require, make sure ‘Online Book’ is selected under ‘Resources’.



To download Work it Out, go to and download the App.



The Ages Ago History Book can be found at Folens. Just follow the steps below to get access: register. Select Teacher (parents also select Teacher). Fill in a username, email&password.For Roll Number use the code: Prim20.


Bua na Cainte Go to and the password is edco2020

To access Grow in Love

Parent Packs are available to Parents at Prim Ed Parent Pack Downloads