Learning Activities for the Children during the Closure

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The following learning activities are intended to be covered over a two week period. All children will work at their own pace. Please make sure we have your correct contact details in the office. Ring 021 4509246 and leave a message. Look at our calendar page too and you will see events that have been cancelled or postponed. 

1st Class- Ms Gleeson

2nd Class Ms Quill

2nd Class Ms Coughlan

3rd Class Ms Finn

3rd Class Ms Linehan

4th Class Ms Healy

5th Class Ms Browne

5th Class Ms O Sullivan

6th Class Mrs. Landers

Ms Crosse, Ms Daly, Ms Conran and Ms Hogan's Pupils

Useful Websites and Activities

Get active

Feach ar an teilifis

Keep up to date with the News

Will Sliney Daily Art Challenge