Staff 2022/23 and Board of Management 2019-2023



Ms. Kelly

Class Teachers

1st Class: Ms. Linehan

2nd Class: Ms. Conran

3rd Class: Ms. Finn

4th Class: Ms. Daly

5th Class: Ms. Hogan

6th Class: Ms. Browne

6th Class: Ms. O’ Connell

Special Education Teachers

Ms. Crosse

Ms. Coughlan

Ms. Stokes

Ms. Quirke

Special Needs Assistants

Ms. Noonan

Ms. O’ Driscoll

Ms. McSweeney


Ms. Nagle


Mr. Lynch

Board of Management 2019-2023

Chairperson: Mr. Denis O’ Sullivan

Secretary: Ms. Eileen Kelly

Treasurer: Ms. Marie Therese Hogan

Patron’s Nominee: Ms. Ann Moynihan and Dr. TJ O’ Ceallaigh

Parents’ nominee: Ms. Suzie Heaphy and Mr. Brendan Dowling

Community nominee: TBA