Uniform Policy



Policy Title:

Uniform Policy.

Written/Adopted Date:

30th May 2023

Date Ratified by BOM: 

30th May 2023

Next Review Date:

May 2026 

Or sooner if necessitated by alteration to terms or conditions issued by Circular Letter from DES.

Implementation Date:

With immediate effect.



Full uniform must be worn to school each day.
Brown pinafore 1st to 4th Class or Brown Trousers
Brown skirt 5th and 5th Class or Brown Trousers
Brown V-Neck Jumper
Cream Shirt
Brown and Yellow Tie
Black or brown low-heeled shoes.

Dark Coloured Knee length shorts may be worn with the Tracksuit Top in June and September

The school tracksuit must be worn on activity days e.g. swimming, dancing, P.E.
• School Tracksuit and School Polo Shirt.
• Runners must be worn on P.E..

Uniform and Tracksuit available at Buckley’s Drapery, Shandon Street. 021 4304426

The only items of jewellery allowed are a watch and one pair of stud earrings. Long hair must be tied back.
All items of uniform, including coats and anoraks are clearly marked with your child’s name.


Our school uniform policy strictly prohibits the wearing of any clothing on school property that displays support for a particular political party. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as badges, hats, or clothing with slogans or logos promoting a political party. As a school, we believe in providing a neutral and inclusive environment where all pupils feel safe and respected, regardless of their political beliefs. By enforcing this policy, we aim to avoid any unnecessary conflicts or divisions among our pupils. Any pupil found wearing clothing that violates this policy will be asked to remove the item and this will be dealt with in accordance with the code of behaviour.