Adverse Weather Conditions

Parents and Guardians,


In the event of snow or ice making our roads and footpaths dangerous to travel on, please take note:

Unless you hear otherwise, the school will be open at the normal times.

The Board of Management will make every effort to keep the school open. The school will only close in extreme circumstances where it is deemed unsafe to open.

Parents will be notified by text if schools are to close. Please ensure that the schools have updated contact numbers for you. The school voicemail and website will also be updated if the school is to close.

Roll call will be delayed to facilitate latecomers who are waiting for the roads and footpaths to thaw. We understand that your safety and that of your children is paramount.

The school’s pathways will be regularly salted and we ask that your children walk carefully and not skate on school grounds.


Thanking you for your cooperation